Fairytales, Lies, Love?

I used to believe in fairy tales. Used to think there could be 2 individuals falling in love happily, ever after.

Happily.. Ever after? Dont know how badly misinterpreted that word is.

Justin Choy is a romantic person who values Love alot. But recently, he has become more of a pessimist. Not in nature. Naturally, he is pretty optimistic.

But somehow. He's rather skeptical about the outcomes of another relationship.

He's forgotten the incidents that occurred but scared. This makes him question whether its all worth it. The amount of things that a person puts in a relationship, especially Justin, makes him wonder if he actually gets appreciated for all the small things he does.

What if this happens?
What if we break up?
What if things dont work out?

Thousands of questions rush through his head when he lay eyes on her. A girl. Always thinking that maybe a relationship can be developed.

Who was once a confident, vibrant, loving and caring individual is suddenly consumed by the very fires of uncertainty.

Do I have what it takes?
Do YOU think I have what I takes?
Do I think I have what it takes?

I wouldn't know. Perfection lies in looking at the person perfectly and overlooking his imperfections and flaws.

He now realizes that all things come to an end. May it be good or bad. He wonders whether giving his life to some girl would be that significant. Honestly, doubts and pessimism overwhelms and plagues his judgment.

He looks at you. He looks pass the beautiful and meaningful time they'll have together. He looks straight to the end. He doesn't wanna hurt anymore people. Not anymore.

He often daydreams about things he always wanted to do. To love and be loved in return. He often ponders and wonders.

"Maybe one day. She'll be the right one."

Till that day comes, Justin shall remain the person who he always was.


Hope you liked my story :)