Happy belated Mothers Day!

Happy belated mothers day! :D

Sorry for my late update. My computer frozed on me like 17 times already. Sigh.

Anyways, Happy Mothers Day! (well, at time of writing. Belated. )

So. Church was in the morning. Joanne baked cupcakes again! Thank YOU~! ^_^ ♥

Went to Hard Rock Cafe after that to celebrate mummy's day!

HRC is really an awesome place. The one near Bkt. Nanas monorail. Freakin awesome environment. Rock and roll :D wee

We ordered so much food. I ordered the 10oz burger. I was so retarded. I told my dad I want that "Ten O Z Burger" And my dad laughed at said its pronounced "Ounce"


This is what was left of it. It was HUGE I tell you.

And then there was this lady who came around making balloons. She made this for my mum. ^^

Yeah. That's my Mum. Aint she pretty? :D

As delicious as the food was. We couldn't help but have some dessert. Dad said the brownies were good. So we ordered it.

Boy, that was hell of a sinful treat. Hot fudge on vanilla. Sounds good does it not? Yeah. And guess what. WE ORDERED MORE DESSERT!

Uh oh. Made me wanna work out. Again. Hahaha

Here it is. So many types of chocolate omg! Felt so fat after eating this.

Was a fun day really. Went to KLCC after that. Didn't get anything though. Felt that I should clear my closer first. :D

Oh oh. Before I forget. We're supposed to bring friends to NexGen. So anyone wanna come with me let me know! :D It'll be fun.

Yes. I'm talking to You. Yes You! hahah