Paintball ^^

I got a call at around 8.48am on Saturday.

It was from Jonat.

"Dey! They all wearing Proto pants!"

I went "Yes ar. Okay. I bring my whole set."


We had this rookie tournament. We went. Full of hope. But we got 4th. =(

Our line up was

Syamil - MY NPL Div 3 player
Dickson - MY NPL Div 3 player
How YY - Rookie
Jonat - Rookie
Justin - MY NPL Div 3 player

Julian subbed Dickson because he got shot. Repeatedly. Twice on the neck. One on the cranium. Ouch!

This Guy. is the infamous Dickson aka Dixie

Is was really fun. Great to see Syamil after months.

Jonat and How. Good job! ^^

Our teamwork was quite good ^^ But we still have to train alot lar. But heres a start.

I suggest to however havent tried paintball to try it!

Call me! We can play together ^^