Party Synopsis.

Yes. One hell of a night!

Last thursday was an awesome party at my house. Loads of people came. Around 65 ish if I'm not mistaken. omg. Yeah so sorry for not layaning everyone yeah? I had to like give directions every 5 minutes ahahah.

My computers got conquered by dota players omfg. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Names shall not be mentioned. Jeez.

Ahahah and to the guys who lost money gambling. HAHAH!

I lost RM11 gawdemmnit. T_T

Sorry guys for my sad selection of songs. Will be better next time. Excuse my attempts at hostin for the 1st time.

OH! And sorry we didnt get to play 7 Minutes in heaven, -Insert Name Here-. Maybe next time ;P

Photos will be posted soon. When I get hold of it.

Special thanks to Syamil for being the photographer.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! ^^

Btw, Pics are already in my facebook. So check em out! ^^