I'm bored. So. I'm gonna post some survey crap. Listin 10 things I dislike.


1. The feeling of regret. That kinda feeling when you know you could have got it. But then screw up.

2. Show offs. Oh gosh, I dont give a damn if you wear something expensive. You still look like crap to me.

3. Demanding people. I know your rich and all. But cant you be contented with what you have and not want EVERYTHING that other people have that u dont?

4. Being called rich. Which I'm not. Maybe my parents. Not me. Hahah.

5. Being short. I feel soooo stunted. =_=

6. Being ignored! I'm not a wall you know.

7. People that bitches about you behind your back. If you really dislike me. Let me know. Why tell others.

8. People that want something from you but HINTS and uses other people's name for their own gain.

9. People who takes advantage. I know I'm a nice guy. But come on. I have a limit.

10. Girls/Guys that treat girls/guys differently when they find out that they like them. This is just Lame. alrite?