I finally cut my hair today. Looks alrite. But I have like a humongous forehead. Hahaha.

Funny you know. Earlier. I was at MPH. Wanted to get some books. Apparently I brought in another book that was at MPH too.

So as I proceeded to the exit. The guard gave me that one kind look and said.

Itu apa? I was like My book? =_=!

And then he made a fuss and thought I was stealin and he called the MPH guy.

He said can he check. I was like. Go, Go ahead. MPH guy said cant trace cause apparently theres no price tag.

And I was like. I bought it a week ago at like. Popular?

He at first didnt believe him. But he did. Eventually. And apologized.

But I was totally fine with that!

And P.S

Wishing all people who're taking exams today. Like my bro.

Best of Luck!