Relay For Life '10


3 weeks of exams are finally over and the holidays are here!


er. Hello?

Well, I think holidays isn't that fun when you have nothing to do. Oh well, time for updates!

Relay for Life!

I was supposed to go for last year's one but I didn't so I went for this years one. I heard people saying it was bigger and better last year but I honestly thing the smaller concept really brings the whole community together. Something that's rather rare in today's 21st century society.

Anyway, I came rushing in Stevie's car since Mei, Elle and Brandon was waiting for me for damn long. We boarded the train and the train was being a real bitch la. I mean. 3 times the thing stop.

"Maaf, bla bla bla"

Pissed us to the max!

Anyway we reached there and it was all muddy and stuff and the people was coming out barefooted with mud all over their legs. Looked like fun actually.

Love being a guy since we just take off our shirts anywhere. Unlike some people who had to queue up for soooooooo long just to take off their clothes. *ahem*

This year's RFL shirt looks so chunted okay! We we're there around 8 so we went and lit our candles for the Luminaria candles and proceeded to walk around the track.

I was with Elle and M most of the time. I met up with the Joes! Jon, arjun, and gang. And the hoopla gang! Love you guys. Sorry I didnt hang with you guys!

Ah the whole night was filled with really awesome activities which unfortunately started after most of the guys went home. But its cool. Cause the things that real friends do for others. Are indescribable. :)

Anyway there was this tranny fashion show. Well. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The last year's winner. Damn hot. LOL And Sufian got his ass rubbed!

Cause he was being awesome with the free hugs T. The Free Huggers ended up dancing on stage. Epic.

Spent the rest of the night camwhoring, walking, eating, getting dirty(mud :P) and wetting the tent. Yeah pretty fun! Only got an hour of sleep. Mei kept getting up. At one point she disappeared.

"I needed to pee."

Imba. LOL

We went off around 9.30am in the morning the next day feeling all dead and exhausted. But it was a really fun event.

Mind my lackluster efforts of writing but I'll let the pics do the talking. :)