When food just doesnt come.

I think we Malaysians were born hungry. I mean our whole culture revolves around food. Every waking moment of the day we're eating.

Nasi lemak for breakfast. Some kuih in between. Nasi kandar for lunch. Then theres roti and teh tarik for tea. Dinner we have curry mee. Then we have MORE roti during our world cup matches at mamak.

See what I mean? And talking about that. All our major holidays revolve around food. Chinese New Year got open house. Hari Raya got open house. Deepavali got open house. EVEN CHRISTMAS TOO.

Which all ends with us wasting our week's worth of gym time.

.. and when we don't get our food well,

Thats what happens first. Then the boredom kicks in.

Rawr. I know my brothers are cute/adorable/hot/damn handsome/have nicer hair/.

Don't rub it in. Its a sibling thing.