Utter devastation.

So here I am after witnessing a brutal annihilation of my team England by the hands of Germany. Again. 8 years ago they were against Brazil in the Finals, 4 years ago was knocked out my Portugal, and now well, not even pass the group of 16 stages being trashed by Germany.

My conclusion is that even though England has more experienced and strong players everyone just wants to be a hero and score. There is no teamwork at all. The team's defense is just bollocks. An elephant can pass through and nobody would notice.

The equalizer (at that time) not being called also probably effected the England's team morale. somewhat. But then again. Germany is a fantastic team. Brilliant teamwork and working off each other. Even though its a new team, very strong and solid. Good chance of winning. We'll see the game against Argentina or Mexico. Most probably Argentina.

Full time score. 4 - 1. Epic match.