Look whose uncivilized now?

I'm sure many are aware of the whole Anti-Malaysia actions conducted by our haze-giving neighbors. Honestly, I'm kinda getting tired with their actions.

First was the whole road thing at Menteng. And now the Bendera group is planning an attack by land, sea and air that was supposed to be carried out today.

Because of this small group of mindless retards. The whole country is getting an even worst name than before. And when one thinks of the reason for this, one can only humbly conclude that it was caused by a stupid pendet dance and the song and accusing Malaysia for stealing the idea.

Even on Facebook there has been many Anti Malaysia groups that has spawned. You know, this doesn't really effect me much but for the sake of Indonesia, they should either stop this or further incite the burning anger that has already stricken the hearts and minds of the Malaysian people.

I'm speaking on behalf of what I think. We Malaysians can be the nicest people on the planet. But step on our tails and your gonna wish that Indonesia was on Mars.