Reasons why you should date a paintballer.

This has been here for awhile. Enjoy! =D

20 reasons to date a paintballer

1. We aren't afraid to get down and dirty
2. We know how to listen to directions
3. We at least have a ten inch barrel
4. We can fire off hundreds of rounds without getting tired.
5. We always wear protection
6. We love to be aggressive, head first into anything
7. We like to push hard, but not TOO hard.
8. We never forget to lube.
9. We always have to have the best **** on the field.
10. If we run out of gas, it takes less than 5 seconds to get us going again!
11. We know how to work any position front, back, and all in between
12. We're good at moving our fingers extremely fast in small places
13. We can move & contort our bodies into weird positions
14. We know how to use a condom
15. We're used to 2 on 1
and 3 on 1 situations
16. Standing, kneeling, laying down... really it doesn't matter
17. We have great aim
18. We dont mind a little pain
19. We will play any chance we get
20. When we play we look good doing it!'

10 more reasons to date a PBer, some may be repeats
1 ) Our equipment is made for high pressure.
2 ) Welts and hickies look about the same.
3 ) It's quite normal for us to wear masks, straps, and harnesses.
4 ) Forget bases, we just go for the 50.
5 ) Walking a trigger and handling small fragile parts means nimble hands.
6 ) We can hit a moving target at 100 feet, we can protect your honor too.
7 ) We'll "communicate" with you all you want, just do it over a radio.
8 ) Dropping $100 in a single day is nothing new.
9 ) Jumping, diving, ducking, and sliding develops great body coordination.
10) We never play without protection.

And 10 reasons why paintball is better than a girlfriend ( I'll let one of the ladies write the counter. )

1 ) You can use more than one marker in a day and not feel guilty.
2 ) A marker doesn't get jealous when you admire another player's gear.
3 ) Exhaust gas on a marker is a good thing.
4 ) Having more than one marker makes you a collector, not a "playa."
5 ) You don't have to talk to your gear everyday to show you care.
6 ) Friends don't think you're a pervert when talking about snakes and bushes.
7 ) A simple wipe down and a little oil keeps a marker satisfied for over a month.
8 ) $70 paint, $20 field fees, and $10 air is cheaper than prom and can last just as long.
9 ) Volatile as it may be, even CO2 doesn't explode or freeze for no reason.
10 ) Markers never say, "It's not you, it's me."


Denise Tan said...

HAHAHA! LOL. I'm dating a paintballer. XDD