Nigel's 14th Surprise Birthday Bash!

I suck in planning. But hey, it was fun no?

It was so damn retarded when we were hiding the the AV room. Prakkash couldnt shut up for 5 seconds.

And Sabrina, Sorry I made u wet. Oh me? No la, just the left side. Ahahah.

Umbrella. Rain. Sickos.

Everything did turn out great. Nigel's reaction was beyond Epic. Priceless man. I think he probably wet his pants.

Anyway. The people was fun. I ended up doing nothing. Except for gamble. Which I lost money when I was the dealer. Damnit.

Well, great day nonetheless!

Special Thanks to

Keshen and Sulaiman for calling all the people, sorting out their issues, and coming on time.

Mum for constantly nagging at me to get the guest list and for preparing food and drinks.

Dad for being all 24-ish telling me when the target is ETA.

Prakkash for being a retard.

And a superduper big THANK YOU to everyone who came and made his day a special one!

P.S 8 Days left. Then I shall await my report card. :(