I've been away for a long time. I was lazy.

I have pictures from school's experiment. Pictures of the wedding(will send it to you soon Carissa! Sorry!). Pictures from job interview. Awesome stuff.

I just finished watching the match against Arsenal and Blackburn. Superb game.

You know a funny thing happened just now. I was at The Ship. Watching the match. There was one part where Arsenal scored against Blackburn I literally jumped outta my chair. Seeing as The Ship was a fine dining establishment it was kinda embarrassing.

Soon, the captain came over and tapped my shoulder saying, "Don't worry. Arsenal will win." Feeling rather embarrassed I smiled and said I know.

Then to my horror, Blackburn scored. Soon I overheard the same captain shaking he's head remarking "Arsenal can't continue playing like this if not they cant win."

I was like. lol.

But it ended out great! 6 - 2 yo! Eat that Blackburn!