Why do it now when you can do it later? D:

Gah. Procrastination. I actually did some research on it. Not surprised when it said that its part of human nature and that the mind actually wants to minimize danger or something.

Apparently, Our brains are more effected by the immediate benefits than long term returns. Such as pinching pimples. Human nature my friends.

Our minds are afraid of failing to procrastination of something that we're supposed to do is just a way to prevent.. failure?

I was kinda confused too. but I still don't get how I'm still my lazy, unmotivated, unproductive, fat self. Anyway, I should be off the comp now. I should be studying for the finals.

But the thing is. I don't know what or how to study. Like last year, why I thought Geo was cake was cause I had a 45 page notes that was everything I needed to study. So that was what I called studying smart. So thats why I could do it.

This year I guess is practice. Practice, practice and more practice. Which is really bad. Maybe I was demoted already at the start of the year. Seeing as I'm such a failure( Add Maths. Nuff' said.) I just chose to shut my brain from learning.

And I just realized. How 2009 is ending. The finals are coming. I'm FUBAR'ed. Sigh.

Our time is running out.