Weekends are fun, sometimes.

I really dislike going out sometimes. Yet its also fun cause you never know what to expect.

Anyway, on Saturday I went out with my family to one of my dad's friends open house in Shah Alam. I was in awe when I went there. It was an uber house. It was extremely nice. It had a swimming pool too!

Later, after we left the place we went to another open house. This time is was my Dad's old school mate. I, at that time, really just wanted to sleep. It was tiring.

Then well, my dad met up with his old friends and they apparently sat at the same table as us. My dad's friend had to daughters. Can't really remember both their names but the younger one was kinda pretty. And she sat next to me.

She looked really matured but her mum said that she was only 13. But she looked good nonetheless. So yeah, awkwardness ensured.

My mum was really REALLY embarrassing me. She kept saying talk to her la. Don't be shy la. This la. That la. Russell was giving me that mischievous smile and kept teasing me. Cute. But very very irritating.

Anyway, I can't even remember her name. I really really suck with Chinese names. Anyway her nickname was KK. It was really funny la. I could feel the temperature in my head skyrocketing and I was blushing as hell due to my Mum. I bet she noticed. -_-||

I looked at her. She looked too and looked away and smile. This is what happens when 2 really shy people met. Hahah. I'm not normally like this! But not when my family is around. I asked her for her email. Apparently she got really confused. So I didnt get anything at all.

So it was time to go back, I just smiled and said good luck for tommorow(Swimming competition) and walked. Just as we were walking to the car I glanced back. She grinned. And looked away shyly. I smiled. And walked.