The Great Escape.

The clock struck 10.20am. The sound of the ringing bell could be heard all over the block. People knew that the dreaded "I-have-to-hafal-36-Nilai" is over. Our battle is over. But not the war.

My hand grew numb. The feeling of anxiety overwhelming. I had left a few questions blank while I was busy doing the other questions. I delayed so much time. A sense of regret was getting me. I was depressed, really.

But whats done is done, I've done my best. I'll leave the rest in God's hands.

But that's not what's this posts about. Its about what happened after the exam that made this a really great day. The Moral students who finished early was not supposed to go home. But we did. We masterminded a plan to escape the compounds of the school.

Felt like a P.O.W though the means of escape was simpler than many of us could imagine. A whole segment of the fence was literally removed, yes removed! It was funny how when I went with my friends we passed the teacher's canteen area on the way out. And at first it was just a few people. But from a few became many many more.

I mean, imagine this, 30-40 students walking in a single file line getting outta school and you just sitting there with your karipap, dumbfounded.

Yes. Interesting. But we up'd our pace. A few of the guys we're already across the street signaling for us to get back. We dashed acrossed into a tight alleyway and changed there.

From here, Barath and Brandon were with me. Walking an alternate route from the others who were STILL in a single file line. It was Epic.

We ended up eating alone at Thurkas. They went for chicken rice. The guys and I talked alot till Daniel called.

Yes. It was hilarious how he was walking around Melawati not knowing where we were. I had to give him directions to thurkha only to make him walk back to where he came from. Yeah. Daniel walked from the club back to the club.

Not my fault he didn't tell me he was there.

Oh btw, I find Daniel's obbession with coconuts interesting yet, somewhat disturbing. Theres a video that I'll upload soon that involves cavemen and coconuts. Stay tuned.

It was a great day eventhough I exhausted myself with futsal with my homies, tuition for an hour which I didnt understand nuts, and a yum cha session with Barath, Dino and Cyn.

Fun day. Now I'm off to study History.. I mean Sejarah. Yeah. The subject which everyone hates. I wanna love it. But its in BM. So that sucks.


P.S Fabi said I should do song covers. So maybe I should. Eventually. :)