The Job interview.

I'm gonna work at the end of the year for Disney! Yay!

Anyway, last Friday my friends and I supposed to go to Mid Valley for the job interview. Prior to that I kept getting calls from people asking me all the details and what to wear.

You know. Its already bad that I have to tell a dozen people the same thing. Its even worst when that same dozen of people repeatedly ask me thing again over and over again.

Well yeah. I just said "Wear something you want the interviewers to see you in."

And wow, I was surprised. We looked very professional. :P

Prior to the interview. We had some time to walk around(Our interview was at 4pm btw.)

I bought magnetic earrings! Just for the sake of pissing my mum off. Which it did. I also bought a cross chain. Which is broken now. :( I bought 2 plush toys. The ones with those beads inside. :)

We also saw this really cool 3D wall decor near the camera shop. Kudos to whoever thought of this.

Anyway. Forget my gay expenditure. Lynn said that we were supposed to meet at KFC.

I went "wtf."

She said Judson said so. -___-

Anyway. I called Olivia(The person in charge.) to arrange for a place to meet. She suggested the lobby of The Boulevard Hotel. We went there. And when we reached there. We were kinda tensed. I gave the camera to Lynn. And then as usual. Julian and Lynn will just. Hog it.

Typical. So as usual. My camera is filled with Julian and his cleavage. But we did manage to get some candid shots off. Everyone is tensed it seems.

After meeting with Olivia. We proceeded to the 9th Floor. The poolside! We were at the cafe next to it. So we had some forms to fill up. There was this place that stated "Job experience".

Julian, Jon and I just grinned. Heheh.

Anyway. After filling the forms we went by the pool. There we proceeded with even more pictures. Lighting was great after all. Ehehe we looked like oceans 11! And and Leverage. Ahahah.

Julian was having a d Mid Life Crisis.

So then after camwhoring alot Judson and gang was STILL not there yet. I got really ticked off. It was already like 4.40. They came arnd 5. Gah. Felt like ignoring him. What a bad first impression. -__-

Anyway. After everything was sorted out we we're briefed with the details on the job. It ranged from Doing a workshop for the kids to dressing up in a TT suit. Apparently Jun is gonna get the highest pay. Gah.

Oh, she mentioned that we had to keep our hair short and we have to shave everyday. I just laughed at Julian and Jun. And and she said we should go to the playhouse disney website to get a better idea of the job.

She specifically mentioned playhousedisney DASH Asia dot com. She said that playhousedisney.com without the dash was a porn site. -_-

DON'T even think about it. Sickos.

Anyway, right after the interview we we're tired as hell. So we just had some dinner. And went home. But then I ended up sleeping at 4 in the morning because of Jon and Nahrend. Stupid minigolf.

Great day anyway!.

Pics later.


Its so irritating that I cant stop thinking of you.