This is what epic boredom does to people.

Kudos to Julian for his wallpaper. :)

Never underestimate the power of boredom. Not when it comes to a class like ours. You gotta hand it to us 4 Kreativians. We are THE class when it comes to noise or fun. Period.

No other Form 4 class can compare.

So this time around while Wana and Wani didn't come. We decided to.

1. Do the Kan Kan.
2. Tai Chi and workout.
3. Jump over girls.

The pictures, unfortunately were never taken. Except for the Kan Kan and the Human Pyramid, which ended rather funny when everyone toppled over. It was fun while it lasted though.
Here are the pictures!

Step 1. Get a few friends to squat like they're about to get executed. Cina style

Step 2. Clean floor and act all worried.
Step 3. Jump on them and laugh.
Step 4. Get a girl.

Step 5. Scream in pain like a little wuss.So that concludes Justin's 5 step guide in forming a human pyramid. Here is the end result! :D

You may call me childish, naive and immature. But maybe I'm the only one not ready to grow up.

Till next time.