Painting is fun when you dont get paint all over your clothes

Time to paint the town red! Or rather Orange, and Beige not town. School. Still fun nonetheless.

This is for our Folio so the all the boys from the 3 classes for Moral went to paint block A.

Chaos ensued.

It was funny, see Daniel was always the victim of us. To all Sek. 5 readers. You should know. Yes, THAT Daniel. So Arjun dressed as Batman attacked him.

Notice the Physics book used as a shield?

I still have no idea how I got THAT much paint on me. I suspect this guy.

My bald Indian friend, Nahrend. (Did I mentioned he's bald?)
You cant trust him. Yes, Because he's botak. :P Joke. Its cause I mean, well, look at the picture. Look at his hand! D:

Anyway, I had a shot at being a graffiti artist. :P

..Okay, so graffiti isn't my thing. But hey! At least it was fun. (note- I painted the whole thing orange so that Daniel won't get angry.)

And hey. Even MJ impersonators like to paint. :)

Till next time!