Saturday was fun. But only Saturday

I hate you guys for making me wait. Though it was kinda fun you know. Being alone. Hungry. And drowning my sorrows with books.

But it was a really fun time with the guys. No. I dont smoke. Almost. But no. Bad. BADDD. Hahaha pretty lazy to sum up what happened. But yeah. It was fun.

I mean. Its somehow that kinda thrill and rush of adrenaline that fills us when we know something is wrong and we just do it. Guilty pleasures I guess. No, I don't mean smoking. It was the fact that we nearly got rejected the second time when we were buying our tickets.

Apparently nowadays its much more strict to get tickets for 18^ movies. I think I kinda understand why after watching it. I think most of the guys already know how we kinda got stopped and questioned for ID. And I'm pretty lazy to state here. With respect to those involved.

Jon lost his phone too. Okay, maybe not lost. Left sounds better. He left it in the taxi. But fortunately we got it back by going to the taxi guy's house at night. Which was pretty scary.

Ended pretty fun. But super tired. ^^

On a different note.

Okay lets see. How have I been these days. Well, I have been really happy. Slightly confused. But lately theres been something bugging me. That probably explains why I look depressed when I'm quiet. or not constantly in the presence of my friends.

Well I just got one thing to live by.

If you have nothing good to say. Don't say anything at all.

Cause honestly. I really, really dislike being criticized. Whats more, I hate it when I get criticized for no reason. I mean. Who likes it? Right Jon? You know what I mean. I think even Nahrend knows.

Well. I don't know. I just think that. If you don't wanna act as if you care. I won't either. Its probably better that way.

Or maybe its just me being overly sensitive. I don't know. I don't really wanna know. All I know is. I was sincere. I didn't know you weren't.