21st Century Radio

You smelled good today. ;)

Anyway. I'm gonna talk about the latest addictions of Justin Choy. Today we shall talk about Internet Radio!

I never knew it was THAT accessible. It was all a coincidence actually. I was bored so I was trying the radio function on iTunes and miracioulous my Internet connection was stable enough to actually listen without any hiccups. Yay.

I strongly recommend people to try it out. All you need is iTunes(updated) and an internet connection.

Go into the Radio section, pick a category then the station. I'll normally go for the one with the highest bitrate. But thats just me!.

Hmm. I recommend this. Its one of my favorite and most stable stations.

Jazz. 181.fm - The Breeze :)

This is awesome!

Anyway I'm gonna end the post wishing a few of my friends happy birthday!


Happy Birthday Karin Kye, Ju Yi and Valerie Lim! :)