Actually I had no intention of offending you Lynn. But what happened today.. Well, guess its karma.

Today, is officially THE worst Monday. Ever. Period. Nuff' said.


Well. I came to school early in the morning with a stomach ache. Went to the toilet, was filled with shit. Flushes wasn't working. No toilet paper. No water.


No pun intended.

Moving on. Then there was this absurdly long assembly. Again. Then there was Ops Gunting Rambut.

I could have gotten away. But. I didn't. Then my hair. MY hair. Got cut. Again. This is the freaking third time. Its so freaking terrible. Such a bruise to my overly enlarged hea.. Ego.

Then went to class. No electricity.

Then we had moral. I had to memorize 28 Nilais and hit my knee against a chair and bruised it.


So today was the worst Monday in the history of all bad Mondays. Ever.