If Only I Said That I Loved You.

You know whats the best part about getting in a relationship? Its the period when both of you don't know anything about each other and end up falling each other.

Its not love. Not yet anyway. But its just that two different individuals starts showing signs of being attracted to one another that makes everything so great. Everything goes slowly, just like how a tree bears fruits.

After liking each other for so long. Or trying desperately hard to get each others attention. Its just nice. That feeling of anxiety. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach you get when your gonna meet that person.

So much. Innocence. Not knowing what to expect. Yet sometimes. He wonders. Maybe.. She doesn't like me too? Maybe She likes someone else? Maybe.. I'm not good enough. While She patiently waits for the day to happen. Filled with hope and just the thought of them being together makes Her heart pound faster.

But then one day. One faithful day. He decides.

"Maybe I'm not the one that can bring her happiness. I'm just. Gonna try to get over her."
Deep down in His heart. He hasn't nor will he ever forget that thought. The prospect of them being together.

And day by day. The phone calls decline. He becomes confused, afraid of hurting Her. He becomes indecisive and tries his best not to have anything to do with Her. He doesn't know that the only thing that He's doing. Is hurting Her.

All She ever wanted was Him. And He was just so afraid. So afraid to tell Her. Afraid she might not feel the same way. While She was afraid of what He might think of Her.

Their fates may not have crossed each other. But it could have. Their fates could have entwined. If only one of them said how they truly feel. Three words that could have changed everything.

I Love You.