I'm back! again!

I haven't been blogging. Blame Twitter
la! Haha which reminds me!

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Its mostly about me and my not so average life as a 17 year old. My activities of my last year of my illegality and my random conquests. Enjoy!

Oh alrite! So where do I start! There's just so much to say! My last post was weeks ago!

Well, as I type this I'm currently wasted as hell. Not in a good way though. Its cause of the basketball competition. MSSD la.

It was a great experience really! Even though we did get slayed today. Like major epic fail. But it was fun!

It was at Rawang. Not exactly the safest place to be really. See we we're here twice. Last week, on Wednesday we we're here for the group stages. Which we qualified. Oh talking about that. We almost got robbed. We didn't cause Rais would have drowned him. :D

And I love MSSD. Why? Basketball? Yeah. Partly. But its just nice to check the girls out there! HAHAHA Yeah. Fuhreakin hot bodies. But face damn potong steam la.

There was this girl that I saw on Wednesday that kinda caught my eye and there was just something different about her. Kept staring. -.- I am such a stalker really. Lai said she was staring at us. YAY.

So yeah, I kept obsessing about this one girl. Which I still don't know what her name is. Eric says that she probably can't speak English. Or has a boyfriend. Could be right though.

But I kept stalking her. Even today. HAHAH I found out what school she's from though. and I tried searching all 433 people. Failed.

So I gave up. But hey! I might see her again! Now.. where's SMK Taman Desa. LOL

Updates about Driving, F1, SPCA, and what not. Otw!