Monday Blues.

A week of sleeping late, waking up with a hangover, finishing Mass Effect 2 (OMGWTF Ending) and whole lot of totally unproductive things has finally come to an end.

Honestly, I'm not that bummed that holidays are coming to an end. I mean, its just been a week but I miss school. Even though I hate Mondays. Cause it brings back very bad memories. Like how Rohana cut my hair, Ganesh cut my hair, and one other account of getting my haircut.

Yeah, I got my hair cut 3 times last year. FML

So anyway, Q1 of the year is hectic as hell. I mean, its always like that I guess. St. Johns crap, Choir (which I have no idea whats going on now), School, and the like. But I do get to go for my shopping too. (:

I bought my white shirt! After ages of wanting to get it. So I finally brought my ang pao money to go and buy it.


And I really love it. cause someone said I look like super junior ^_^Thanks for Fabi for picking it! ♥

Ah as for other things going on in my life lately? Well, everything seems to be great. I don't have a girlfriend. Yes, so stop asking me. When (which is probably gonna take awhile) I do I'll post it up okay? Promise! ^^

Life goes on! Wish me luck for not getting my hair cut tmrw!