Sports Day 10'

First of all I would like to thank the various people whose pictures I will be using in this blogspot. Namely Gan and Farhan Aiman. Thanks much!

To yesterday was SMK Taman Melawati's annual Sport's Day. Which I always participate but never win unfortunately. I'm just not that great! And I didn't train.

But then Dakshan said that at least I could qualify and be a part of this thing. Thanks man.
I think the experience was invaluble anyway!

The thing about 100m sprint is during the start when the guy yell's "Ke Garisan, Sedia, Bang!" my heart literally pops out of my chest! Its probably the single most terrifying thing of the sport. To me that is.

Thanks to everyone who came! It made this year way more fun than last year!
And the Sun was scorching. Like literally burning my nuts off. I swear.
And I puked like, 3 times I think, and the teacher had to pick it up! I DIDN'T KNOW OMG

The 4 x 100m event was awesome really. I was running in the 2nd position. And it was a good run!

Anyway, I honestly think purple house did very good this year. The boys mainly. Roshan did well for the long distance runs and Amin did great for the sprints!
And everyone played a role this year! I still don't know what the final verdict but I hope its good!

And it was a really fun experience and my last time being on the field after 5 years of running. (: