Its almost March already? D:

That was my first take on HDR photography. Still kinda dull. I have more to learn though.

Anyway, I can't believe its almost March! I mean, its like the time just flows through my finger tips.

But I think, life is like that. Nothing's gonna last forever. So you gotta make do of what you have at the moment.

I love high school life honestly. I mean the experience there is worth a lifetime. I mean. We literally spend a chapter of our lives here, albeit one of the most fun ones!

So how've I been lately? Super busy. As usual.

Well, don't blame me. Q1 of the year is always the busiest! Choir, Kawad, and First Aid Competition is in 2 weeks. MPOC Second Leg is in 3 weeks. Exam's in 4 weeks.

Yeah. So everything's pretty hectic as usual. But I have been having my fun too! Been taking and playing around with my camera. Trying to work out Photoshop! But I still suck at it though.

And well, I've been hanging out (read: Lepak) alot. And the Ian's getting smarter by the second. He's hair, getting longer, too.

And I continued Dota. Still sucked beyond anything.

Well. I can't really find any inspiration on what to blog about. Soon! I shall update! Unless people start reading my Twitter posts then.. hahah