Long due post!

Team Ultimate Speed. (:

As you guys may know I've been training really hard for my tournament which was the Malaysian Paintball Official Circuit which has 5 legs per season.

Its my second time playing in a paintball tournament. The first time was last year. Which was terrible. Really really bad.

I'm really happy and really proud of my current team, Ultimate Speed. They're not only nice people on the field but they're really nice people outside the field too. I can't remember how many times my drinks was paid for! Its not cause I didn't want to. They just didn't let me!

Anyway, after training for a few months at Xtion, Bukit Jalil we we're ready for our tournament on the 23rd/24th of January.

Daniel. LOL

We play under Division 3. The tourneys are split into 4 divisions which categorizes teams according to level of skill. But then again anyone can jump into Div. 1. but then they can't revert back to Div 4,3 or 2.

Anyway, the first day was really good cause we manage to win 4 out of 5 games which shocked everyone. Because our team was new, no one heard of us. But because of our performance that day. It was beyond anyone's expectations. The second was tougher because we were up against more experienced teams. Like Hammer Zero, Spunky Militia, and what not.

But the good news is we manage to qualify for Quarter Finals. Which was good enough. We wanted to be top 10. But we ended up being in top 8. (:

Credits to dez@residentevilchef.com!

The whole paintball experience was a good one. I can't wait for the second leg! (:

Oh. On the side note. If anyone has any queries about paintball please feel free to ask me (:


And thanks to Carmen for coming. ♥ You.


maRCus said...

heys. a paintballer too. came here thru Schanny. from SJI ah? =D