Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Jeremy!

Last Tuesday I went out for Mr. Jeremy's birthday gathering at Wangsa Walk. It was nice seeing everyone after my long hiatus. Ah, being with the likes of these people you can't help not to smile.

Anyway, we ate at BBQ Chicken. Which was kinda nice. My chicken was like a midget chicken or something. Or stunted. Whichever. But Stevie's one was huge! And by the time his food arrived we already finished ours. So everyone was trying to take his food.

And I love Yi En's "OH YEAH" face. Epic.

She isn't like that all the time unfortunately. xD

Even John James was there! Well, not technically there. He was on webcam. So everyone took turns talking to him. The first thing he said to me was

"Eh! You together with Mei Ji yet?"

-.- John john john. LOL

Ah but it was nice seeing John again! (:

I feel so bad for not getting Jeremy anything though.

Anyway, after that we went to visit Boon Hoe and gang at the Japanese food thing. Thanks for the free samples!

We went to bowl!

And jeremy said he wasn't good at it. Charles said that if he could get 3 strikes he'll kiss his ass.

Well, guess what?

Yeah. Pwned.

Funny thing happened though. The people bowling next to us. One of the girl. Well, everything she bowled you could see her undies. How I know? Cause we have a picture. LOL.

Not anymore though.

I think they perasan or something cause we were like damn kecoh la. And they followed us out wtf! Celine and the rest kinda escaped to the arcade next door. While some of us was kinda distracting them. They checked my camera wtf. -_-

Everyone was like damn tension hahah! So funny! And everyone was trying to beat the basketball machine's high score.

And air hockey!

It was really fun that night! Thanks for the memories!