Happy Chinese New Year!

What I love about Chinese New Year isn't the ang paos that are filled with my shopping money but its the occasion that you get together with love ones and celebrate a new year with festivities!

Ah awesomeness!

I went back to my grandaunt's place for CNY dinner as usual. Great when everyone is happy and joyous. Our family isn't as big or as close as some of the people I know but its still nice. (:

But hey, we get a week's holiday! Great isn't it?

Got to go out and stuff. And I held like an annual CNY open house at my house again. I think there was more people last year. But this year theres less but I'm closer to alot of them. (:

One thing I hate is hosting parties because you can't really sit down, relax, have fun and all those stuff. All I did was run around trying to entertain everyone. It was quite sad really. I didn't know what was going on and all.

Only the pictures can tell me what went down. Hahah but everyone had fun I assume. So I'm glad.

Don't make me do another open house damnit! ):