My hair. :D

So.. I went to school and for some reason I kept getting the "Hey! You cut your hair!"

And yeah. Of course I cut my hair. Its insanely short now isn't it? And my sideburns are nonexistent. Well, Until it grows back.

So yeah, the responses was a pretty mix bag. Some were like,

"What the f did you do to your hair!?"
"Ahhh you finally straighten your hair."
"Dude you look good! Waay better!"

Nahrend pissed me off since every sentence of his had something to do with my BIG forehead.

And Kaif's response was "Last time your hair not so bad. Now this is just retarded." or something like that. OUCH MAN.

But overall it wasn't that bad. I mean. Experimenting la. Plus I cant wait for my hair to grow longer. (: weee

More updates soon!

EDIT: Best response of the day was

.αиgει cαямεи♥. - says:

Ouch. lol