Pre Unplugged

Ah, pre Melawati Unplugged. Much fun we had!

Honestly, we don't exactly practice much but this time we actually did, well, until Russell came in with The Chocolate Cake which when all hell broke loose.

Anyway, I think practicing together and making music is a fun business. Builds bond you see. And there was like a jam towards the end of the session which was, as its always the case with Paul, was awesome.

Arjun and Julian did guitar.

Eric played bass.

Yours truly did Vocals.

I honestly and still believe, no matter what anyone says, that I have bad vocals. I know if you believe it then you are but sometimes I see people like Fabi or something that can do it so well. maybe I haven't found what I'm good at yet.

But for the rest. I think they're great!

Melawati Unplugged was great! Even though I was emofied like hell. There were issues. And our equipment are screwed up now. but its alrite! It was fun!

Enjoy the pictures on facebook! I'm the one with the controversial tshirt!