A little more than just obsession.

People call me weird for acting so hyped up for a little piece of delicacy. Yes. Canteen started selling em since Monday. And now, I have a new found obsession.

Its more that just food.

The taste of reused oil. The fatty, crunchy texture and the thought of munching something you have absolutely no clue off is a gastronomical adventure in its own right.

Yes, I am talking about..


Also known as Cendawan Goreng : Baik Punya.

With promotion work spearheaded by Arjun CK Sdn. Bhd. this very fine product will one day be a pioneer in consumer foods in the canteen.

Till that day comes, we will munch on the cold sausages and 2 day old nuggets. Ah yes, high school food ftw.