Dragon! :D

Let me apologize in advance for an overly exaggerated response shortly.


Shit. I just realized how insanely bimbo that was. But moving on.

I just had my dinner over at the neighbours. Which was good as usual. I think our Friday dinners really bring together us as friends really. I just wished there was more people our age (that we're cooler and not arrogant pricks) other that Sabs and I. But hey! Not complaining ;)

Anyway, I'm in a really good mood now! Must have been the chocolate cake. Or ice cream. Either way, it was something!

Just now, everyone gathered to watch How To Train Your Dragon which was a totally awesome movie. Or maybe I'm just a sucka when it comes to movies where the girl starts hating the guy but would eventually fall for the protagonist and eventually there's those romantic sparks in the movie.

I'm a sucka for that. Really.

But the movie was really good in its own right! And the whole family was there. Anis, Sean, Daniel, Ian, their parents, their grandparents and Uncle Patrick. Was a really great bonding time! Too bad sabs was in Sabah. But hey, checking out hot guys and stalking people while they're having their massage sounds fun too! lol