F1 @ Sepang

Who said Malaysian products are crap, well except for our premier internet service provided. Shitmyx.

I was recently in Sepang to catch the F1 Race and it was great!

Go team Lotus!

I went kinda early since the race started around 3.30 ish. Met up with my friends so hang out.

I honestly think the Lotus Racing flagged attracted alot of attention. Everyone just swarmed to take pictures.

Not of us, of the flag. Ironically.

So yes, since we had loads of time to kill we walked around the premises. There were some really weird but very cool people nonetheless. Like these bunch of people dressing up with colourful hair. Or the matador. Go Ferrari!

Wanted to get merchandise. But helluva expensive though. But there were nice stuff on sale *wink wink*

Oh, yes.

Anyway, we had to go our separate parts because our tickets we're different unfortunately. So got to our seats and we got to witness an airshow by the Royal Airforce or something.

Really cool though it did blow my ears up. Literally. And I thought that was bad. The cars we're even louder! But it was damn cool too. And the safety car? Sheeet. that was awesome.

I love that picture above.

So I didnt bother taking much pictures after that. Just thought of enjoying the race. There we're photographers taking pictures and this guy looked like Desmond Foo (Residentevilchef. Go google) from the back.

And as expected, Red Bull Racing won!

But hey, for 3 races, Lotus didn't do too badly themselves. Even though they we're kinda 3 laps behind. T_T


p.s I need to touch up on my writing skills. Blog epf weih