SMK Taman Melawati Carnival Day!

Hari Karnival has always been a sorta tradition for the majority of us Melawatians. But this year, being our senior year, was the most special I guess.

As usual, English society had their dunking booth again this year. Ironically it was next to the Tamil society's dunking booth. Their sound system smurfed (same meaning as dwarfed) ours but oh well.
No he isn't from the Tamil society. He's just Julian's brother. :D

So I reached around 9? Sabby was acting all paranoid since she was wearing the shortest shorts in the school. She changed though before walking around.

There was this basketball matched between the Under-18 and the Under-15 and I was being the designated photographer since I had the stalker lens. Loveeeee. The pictures are on facebook.

Second designated photographer

Anyway, I spent most of my time hanging out at the back of school taking random candid shots of people. Some of the expressions were priceless. Like russell for instance.

and well most of the pictures were of people getting dunk. I'd like to thank the people who took pictures of me getting wet. It is much appreciated

This is gonna be my last Carnival as a student of SMK Taman Melawati. All this while, it was a good run. Till 2011 :)


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