Lyno's @ Schanny's Pad

I've been going out too much lately. What SPM?

So I just woke up being slightly hungover from last night. Don't blame me, I don't normally drink anyway. But I gotta say, last night was awesome!

Lynn had a party last night at Schanny's place. Was kinda feeling guilty at first on going since I haven't really been studying much. But how could I miss the awesomenest that was Schanny's crib. I've said it once and I'll say it again. The house is just beautiful! Its a reminisce of a Caribbean beach house.

So we got there by LRT since Schanny's house is just a walking distance from the place. In the LRT Arjun was like one day he's gonna compile all Julian's quotes into a blogpost or a book. Your probably wondering why, but he comes up with the most randomest shit. Ever.

So we spent a few hours at his place. The food was awesome as expected. The company was good too! Got to meet up with some familiar faces like Charlene and Belle. Its true what schanny says, We're special cause unlike other part time workers, we actually still meet up!

Much thanks to David for the Cognac! Which again like last year got Brandon really really drunk. Again. I was just tipsy! I think its pretty cool when everyone is all high and shit. I think the one thing that separates drunk people from sober people is when they keep repeating

I'M NOT DRUNK LA! - Brandon

We also got to smudge Lynn's face with chocolate cake. That was really epic! And then Brandon started dancing. It was crazy!

On the way back, everyone was pretty sober except him. He looked like he was gonna puke on Eddy. HAHAH

All in all it was a great night. Ended up going back at around 11.40. But I came with a brilliant plan. I brought home food. So mum didn't say anything!