The day Big Daddy gets a surprise.

Have you ever get that feeling where its your birthday and it seems so one remembers? Only to be surprised by them mere hours later and find out that they had this planned from the beginning?

It was probably the greatest feeling in the world. Ever.

So I got this call from Stevie saying that we are gonna surprise Sanjeev on Friday night at his place before going for dinner. I wasn't sure on the details but it sounded like a good plan! So yeah on Friday we met up at McDs near ISKL.

It was raining and not everyone was there so we all decided to crash in Steve's car and talk about.. Stuff. Oh, and there was this girl with brown hair who looked really cute. Just saying la.

Anyway once adrian came we drove to Sanjeev's house, convoy style. Pretty cool I must say! Oh and note to self: Camera's are really distracting. No not the flashes. Its just that I have the tendency to want to be in the picture too.

Wanted to listen to Katy Perry but the iPod decided to die on me.

Once we reached Sanjeev's place we rendezvous with the sister and we hid at the back of Sanjeev's place. By now the cake was already lit up and we were just waiting for Steve to bring him down. Behind us was a dog that was banging the door really hard. It was so scary. The dog turned out quite cute actually. And well I think it liked me..

..its not what you think.

Anyway once Sanjeev came down we all rushed to him but I think he was more confused than shocked cause he couldnt see us. But when he put on his glasses he went..


With that expression. Priceless moment.

Yes, did you hear me? Priceless.

After a round or two of cakes Steve had something else up his sleeve. We had to stall him while he got prepared. Eventually we tied a blindfold over him for the next surprise. I hope the series of images that follow explains what happened.

Man was he wet after that. But I love this picture. I think he tried to get revenge but running after us and hugging us. We got away but Boon Hoe wasn't so lucky.

Poor poor Boon Hoe. After that we drove him for TGI for dinner. Only he didn't know this so we just stashed him inside the car. He probably thought he was going to fall in a river or something.

We we're like the noisiest bunch in TGI. It was really good though and everyone kept eating my fries. Did I say everyone? I meant Yi En. She ate everything! She got what she deserved. :P

Well I think it was a good night. Everyone seemed satisfied!

My point exactly.

Sanjeev was so shy when he had to do a speech. But he was happy and that's all that matters!
Everyone went home pretty happy that night I guess. Now I wonder whose birthday is next?

Till next time!