MTV World Stage 2010!

Dude you know how to get to Sunway?



*Smooth by Santana plays*

*Pops on Ray Bans*

This was the start of the epic journey with my CHINESE wingman, Mr Eric "Angry Bear" Cheah, to a land far far away, Sunway.

So we were supposed to leave the house at around 3 but waited till around 3.30 for my mum to come back to pass me the GPS. So yeah, we left around that time and that GPS of mine HAD to take me through the whole of KL. Why didn't I take the DUKE again? We went all the way through kerinchi and sungei besi -.-

Anyway, Eric and I decided to do a video of our journey but the video syncing had to die on us. But the audio is worth a listen! Its on facebook!

But anyway, the reason for us to go to Sunway was, like the title suggests, was MTV's World Stage! I got my car parked and ditched Eric with Karin and met up with the little girl, May. HAHAHA

We went in and they gave us ponchos like last year. It started raining and we went to lepak at the normal zone. I saw Julian! And it started raining more heavily and got me so tempted to take of my shirt since it was already partially drenched.

First act up was our local act, Bunkface! I love them okay! They're just awesome. They performed some of their hits like Prom Queen and Through My Window. For some reason they sound so much better when they sing than when they speak hahah! Though the people around my section was dead as hell. There was this guy next to me who was probably the only semangated one.

Anyway the next act was.. wait for it.


*ahem. I apologize for my overly obsessive crazy twilight-fangirl enthusiasm but I just love them that much! They were all in cages that made them look SOOOOOO SEXY and every guy just HAD to put their hands up and push me aside. But they were super hot that night! And then when they started talking you could tell that they were nervous but that just adds to the charm! They performed songs like 2 Different Tears, Tell Me, So Hot(which I'm in love with right now.) and their hit Nobody.

I honestly think this really got the hot blooded males in the crowd pumped up. Just before they performed "Nobody" they actually sang the Intro of the song. People with their CDs would know what I mean. They went back behind the scenes and a short clip of them depicting them came on. IT WAS SO CUTE OMG.

Then they came dressed in their gold dresses like in the MVs and did the dance routine! This got everyone in the crowd going crazy. Bryan and I jizzed our pants.

Thanks to the technical difficulties, the crowd was in a pissed as hell state, reminded me of the crowd last year at AAR's concert. Worst concert ever. I really pity the VJs as they had to really stay calm here. Looked like Utt was about to lose his cool any moment.

Anyway, May and I got tired so we went back to the VVIP section hoping there was still food left. We were 2 hours late and those old people sapu the buffet. Well at least there was still satay, some croissant and free flowing drinks! I really dislike those vip stuff honestly cause it really takes out the whole point of being in a concert. Not getting squashed, dry humped, butt raped, totally oxygen deprived but feeling awesome.

I was falling asleep under the coconut tree when Tokio Hotel showed up. May screamed. I was in awe. HE'S HAIR AND HE'S OUTFIT IS OMGWTFBBQ. Everyone went crazy to him. He said "I'm zorry for ze veazher tonight." And then he did the songs. I forgot in what order though.

I know he's second song. HE WAS ON A FREAKING BIKE. Like those Harleys! It was awesomely cool. And he's just a great performer in general. The pyrotechnics and the lighting was just superb. I especially liked his Darkside of the Sun. They're World Behind My Walls got the crowd cheering along really well!

It was really nice of Bill to bow after the show. It really shows the true sincerity in him!

Then once this was done we all waited for the final act, Katy Perry! I was telling May that she might decide to wear a baju kurung. Thank God she didn't!

Her entrance was simply superb. She came dressed in a ballet suit on top of a banana split. It was so awesome. Her backup vocalists had candy stick inspired dresses and afros. Her opening song was, you guessed it!, California girls!

Her energy and cheekiness is what makes her worth watching! Like how she teased the crowd by saying "I kissed a what? I KISSED A WHAT? I KISSED A GIRL" Thats so epic I swear. She did a few other songs like Thinking of You and Teenage Dream. There was this new song that she was gonna perform. She said "Its just a song about a bird."

And then she sang with the utmost enthusiasm "I wanna see your peacock cock cock your peacock cock cock..~ " This drove the crowd insane! I don't even need remember the lyrics to tell you how amazing that experience was. Are you brave enough to show me your peacock? OMG SO SEXY!

Her last song was Hot n Cold and by this time the 4 balloons on each side of the venue was released and was being thrown all around by the crowd. Unfortunately this practically blocked Katy and this made her run from one end to the other end of the stage repeatedly.

Moving on, Wondergirls was gonna perform one last song after Katy but by this time what was a 15000 strong crowd was reduced to just barely half. I mean you can't blame them for being in a 7 hour long concert. Some being there even earlier. But the performance was good really! Wondergirls ♥

Anyway I went back to get my car from the hotel valets. Mind you that this was around 2am in the morning and I had not eaten anything for the whole day. So I was so really blur. I actually went over the white lines with the cateyes on it. Damn funny. But hey, we're in Malaysia and 3am roads are really quiet. Well, everyone decided on McDs to we decided to crash the one near my house.

Either we were hungry or the food in the morning actually tastes better. I warned E that after eating Spicy Chicken McDeluxe I'd get the McShit. It really happened the next day. Toilet 4 times. Too much info.

Anyway, yeah we were watching some MMA thing on TV and we were just laughing at how the guy would just lie on the ground and let the other guy kick him. Then jay's dad came in an AUDI and I sent May home. I DIDNT HIT THE STUPID DIVIDER THIS TIME! YAY

It was a damn good experience that night. Finally got back at 4am. Got home. Showered. Stoned off. One helluva night. TILL NEXT YEAR!

..that was a long post


alvink said...

Didnt manage to get pics? :)

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超棒的,給予最大支持。(* ̄△ ̄*)............................................................

Justin McMuffin said...

I couldn't bring my SLR in and my phone I left it in the lockers. Sorry!