So guys are normally affiliated with things like music and cars and girls right? Rarely do the "guys" and "shopping" actually come in the same sentence except when it involves waiting for the girlfriend/mum/wife/sister/mistake. But I don't know, I love to shop, call it weird but I just like buying new stuff for my wardrobe.

So when I heard Uniqlo was coming down to Malaysia and was having the Grand Opening tmrw at Fahrenheit 88 I was jizzed. Honest to God I didn't know what was Uniqlo at first until my friend told me.

Uniqlo is what Gap is to the US, what Topman/Topshop is to the UK and what.. er.. Ramli Burger is to Malaysia.

That gave me all the reasons I need to go tomorrow! I CANT WAIT! I mean there's SPM and all but as Jesse puts it

Uniqlo > SPM

Well said.

Furthermore, I'm like a huge fan of Topman so I'm really excited for tomorrow!

Well, since tomorrow is the grand opening of the BIGGEST Uniqlo store in South East Asia, the first 500 in queue will get a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Tokyo, Japan for 4 days and 3 nights! THERES a 1 in 100 chance to win! and first 1000 in line gets a bag!

Yeah, thats kiasu side talking. But hey its true! Mention the word "Free Gift" to any Malaysian and your bound to get a crowd.

I'm so Well I'm off to bed early! See you guys tomorrow! :D