Like a New Hello.

Hey guys!

SPM is ALMOST officially over for me so that means more updates (I HOPE) and yeah I'm feeling super awesome these days!

So, since SPM is over of the majority of us I guess its start planning for the future. Like someone said, the rest of our lives start now. Which is kinda scary when you think about it.

Like leaving high school, its something that you know was inevitable but you never really imagined how it'd be like you know? I mean I still believe that your real friends are the ones you make in high school. Cause its a dog it dog world out there. Sometimes you need people who won't bite your head off if given the chance.

Well, to some it may be a sad farewell, to others it's a new beginning. Overall its a bittersweet feeling to say the least. I kinda miss some of my buddies now itself. Ah well.

Anyhow since I'm pretty much free atm I'm gonna start trying and learning new things. Probably get a new hairstyle or something too. Anyway, my camera's busted so for now, no new pictures! Sorry!

And I wanna get a.. let's leave it to the benefit of doubt ;)