The little joys

Justin: Hello.

Liz: Hey. What did you do to your hair?

Justin: Is it alright? I blew dry it this morning

Liz: Oh it looks good! Looks like Lee Hom.

Justin: Really?! *Hands raised to the sky*

Liz: Yeah. Just the hair though.

Justin: D:

I love mornings.

I almost skipped school today. It takes so much self discipline to wake up early nowadays. Plus my bed feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud of marshmallows.

Today was boring really. Didn't do much. But thanks to me bluetoothing Tower Defence to the guys we ended up playing it the whole day.

So you could kinda imagine. 4 guys. Head tilted with add maths textbooks. Playing the same game. Ah, joys of mobile gaming! I mean. We were THAT bored.

Somehow time slowed down today. but whose complaining when you have your eyes glued to our little mobile screens. Sorry, No iPhones here!

Our greatest joy was when English teacher said that we could go to the library. We we're elated! Cause we got to continue our game in style. Behind no longer add maths textbooks but Forbes and Time. Awesome.