Batu Caves!

Sorry but there won't be alot of pictures because I was on duty!

If you guys remembered, I posted about my batu caves duty back in '09 here.

Anyway, I finally got my wish this year! Since we were seniors we got stationed on the stairs! But let me tell you from the start. (:

This year's Thaipusam event was earlier compared to last year. We had no problems getting people to participate since there was quite a number. Since we we're seniors this year and there was no under 16 members we got to be stationed at the stairs! Which was great!

We arrived in the morning and immediately proceeded to the St. John HQ. Somehow Batu Caves looked better this year. I think they did some touch up work or something. I saw flowers! Hahah.

We reached the base and while I was helping Fabi fill up the forms the other peeps had to kawad. Suddenly the officer was like "You in charge right? Stand here." So I bodoh2 stand there next to fabi la. In my head I was like "Since when?"

I'm sorry but I almost burst out laughing looking at Daniel, who never kawad before literally jump when everyone hentaked. Don't worry! You'll improve!

Anyway, we we're given these free coupons for breakfast. I didn't take it though. I was having this stomach ache from God knows what la. So I was nicely doing my business in the HQ's toilet.

After I finished nature's call I went to meet up with the guys la. YES I DID WASH MY HANDS MIND YOU. Ugh. What happened next was funny. Arthur came and told me.

"The soya burgers taste like fuck!"

I then proceeded to say "I told you so."

Cause no offense but the food there tasted like shit. Period. But it was free so I can't complain.

We we're stationed at different parts on the flight of stairs. A pair on each side. I got the top together with Fabi as my partner. Across us was Angel and Karin.

Earlier in the morning there wasn't much things so Fabs and I had our heart 2 heart talk. Something really struck me then.

"Every guy would wait. But he will only for a certain period until he stops waiting and moves on."

Well said.

Moving on, We we're closer to those Kavadi people than last year. It was a really good experience! I suggest for anyone who has yet to go to Batu Caves to go. Its something that you just have to be there to experience.

The cold steel pierced through the flesh, the objects hanging from skin that looks as if about to tear, to the towering pieces of wood and steel perched on top of mere human beings that trust in their faith. Truly something worth going for.

There was lots of photographers and also a team from NatGeo. I wonder if I'm in the future "Thaipusam: The Documentary" hahaha!

Anyway, there was a few almost-faint cases. Quite a disappointment from last year since there was ONE faint case last year. But then there was these bunch of cuntfaces that pissed me off.
Like the lady in blue who made us rush down to check on her husband only to find out that she lied and just walked away. I proceeded to usher expletives towards her. Beetch.

Then there was this asshole who asked Nahrend to buy drinks for him. The conversation went as follows;

Guy: Eh boy, *hands over RM50 to Nahrend*. Help me buy drink

Fabi: Sorry sir but we're on duty. We're here to help those in need.

Guy: *While walking away says* You said your supposed to help people, then help me la. *Smiles sarcastically*

Fabi: We're here to provide first aid to those in need..

and some other stuff I cant remember. These kinda people are not only immature but downright retarded.

And then there was this guy who grabbed our water. Asshole.

But ultimately this whole thing is part of the job. I really appreciate being given this opportunity and I might do it again. I mean, the feeling you get when you help someone is truly a great thing. Like how Fabi and I brought a crying baby down the stairs all the way back to the HQ. (:

All in all I walked the stairs 8 times in total. I went home. Slept from 6pm till 8am in the morning. It was tiring as hell. But well worth it! Everyone gained a valuable experience and learned alot. (:

I wish I could have taken more pictures though. Even though I wasn't supposed to.

I did, however, manage to get a pic. :P