Super weekend Triple post.

I was really lazy to blog. Until now. My Deepavali weekend is supafreakinawesome thanks to those you guys. Yes. Thanks to each and everyone of you guys for sharing your weekend with me!

Alright anyway I'll start with Friday.

Went out with M and had my date with Elle :P to KL's Golden Triangle. Was uber fun! When I met up with them the first thing Mei did was put her hands out and waited for the camera. Ouch.

Hungry as usual. So we went to makan. That pancake place in Pavilion. We saw Sabrina on the way there! Then we saw her again when we came back down.

Ironically, we didnt order pancakes. But the food was good nonetheless. I tried imitating and Elle and be cute. Failed miserably.

We went to the cinema with the intention to watch Tsunami. But then we couldn't cause the timing wasn't right. But we couldn't miss the opportunity to camwhore. And they stalked me!

So we ended up walking around Pavilion. The lighting there is phenomenal. And you know what girls do best when they go into the toilet with a camera?

LOL. Thats what happens when you give a DSLR to these two.

Moving on. We went shopping larh and then the shot below was very ironic.
Familiar? Yes. Ironic? Very.

Moving on. After walking arnd Pavilion for some time we ended up going to Sungei Wang. Which was a place I could afford. Its been awhile since I went there. The ceilings are still super low. They wanted to barbie me up. Again. And ended up with this. :)

I didnt get it at first though, we went to walk around somemore. Into many different shops. More excuses for more camwhoring sessions. :P We walked around sungei wang for a few more hours before meeting up with Joon Hong and Jian.

The pic(above) is MJ rubbing the mannequin's stomach. No shit.

Anyway, we went to meet up with the guys at Starbucks later.

(Above) Wtf?
The movie was at 6 so we had a few hours to walk around somemore. Jian went to get his toy and the rest of us went back to SG. Wang. to get Mei's heels and my shirt. But before that well..

Yeah. Even more pictures. This blog post is kinda like. A photo album now. Anyway, Elle was being, well, Elle.
Yeah. It was ELLE. LOL. M and I was sayin how if we were 18 we would so go in. hahaha

Elle said that I look damn gangster in this pic. LOL.

Don't be confused. See, M and I made a deal. If I could get 6 pecs by the end of the year she wont go home when we go out. So yeah I have kinda abit. So she kept poking the top there. So.. I poked her back. It was hilarious.

Yeah. We love pictures. :D. Anyway Mei was walking super fast it was scary. We got lost in Sungei Wang! And the smell of Famous Amos lingered in the air as we were walking around. Gosh was I hungry. Anyway. We got our stuff.

And this is what happened when I bought my stuff.


Anyway, we went back to Time Square to watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Joon Hong and I laughed at intro.

"Hujan Bebola Daging" wtff? LOL

The movie was hilarious throughout. While they went for dinner I went home. Was a great day. ♥ you guys. :)